Arturo Sandoval and the Arturo Sandoval Institute

I believe it would be safe to say that most trumpet players are in agreement that one of the best trumpeters of our time is the legendary musician Arturo Sandoval. A musician who is equally talented in both classical and jazz idioms, Arturo has inspired so many young trumpet players with his mastery of the trumpet.  Fortunately for us, Arturo maintains an active performing and recording schedule allowing us great opportunities to see and hear his wonderful music.

As many know, Arturo defected Cuba in 1990 while on tour in Europe with the Dizzy Gillespie Band. Although Cuba allowed him to play and tour on his own, he was constantly kept under State control by the Castro Administration.  One great aspect of Arturo is that he very much cares about education. He can always be found teaching and sharing with others his wealth of knowledge of jazz, music and how to play the trumpet.    He has a great desire to give back to musicians whenever he can.

This passion and dedication to music led to the formation of the Arturo Sandoval Institute (ASI) in 2012.  The Institute is focused on Educating, Inspiring and Supporting music programs and students without regard to financial circumstances.  The ASI can be found at

One great thing they do is to provide 90 minute videos of clinics featuring Arturo with a great musician of our time.  These videos are then uploaded free to Youtube. What a great opportunity for anyone to sit and watch 2 great musicians discuss playing techniques, and anything else music related.

Below are some of the videos featured.  I have personally found these to be of a great educational value.  The fact that I can sit and watch these videos feeling like I am getting a private lesson myself is just awesome.  Plus, this is all for FREE! Thank you to Arturo and the ASI for providing this great learning tool for all of us.

Arturo with Wayne Bergeron

In this video Arturo and Wayne share stories of the music business and discuss

playing techniques.  Highly recommended!


Arturo Sandoval Master Class Video #1 – The Warm Up


Arturo Sandoval Master Class Video #2 – Listening

These 2 videos are much shorter and give great insight to Arturo’s warm up

philosophy as well as his listening approach to jazz. Both are great!

Arturo with Malcom McNab and Gary Grant

A video featuring Malcom and Gary with special guest Chuck Findley. Four

legends of trumpet talking and discussing the business!

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