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Vince Pettinelli outside with trumpetWelcome to My Website! I’m glad you have found it and stopped by for a visit. This website was created so you could learn more about me, my background and beliefs, as well as keeping you updated on upcoming entertainment and performing opportunities I am involved with that you might enjoy.

A little about me and my vision on LEADERSHIP
Growing up in an Italian household there several things you learn about: heritage and customs, Faith, of course the food, and the value and importance of helping others whenever you could. These lessons have helped to shape the person I am today. I have led an entrepreneurial career which includes education, musician and entertainer, community leader and administrator. I have also served as the Director of Planning and Development for Musique & Art Nouveaux, a large music and art festival which included national entertainers. More recently, I was the founder, business director and conductor of a large scale benefit concert which included Grammy award winning artists Peter Nero, piano, and Phil Woods, saxophone.

There are many characteristic and personality traits which make up a good leader and worker. Some include being on time, presentation, public speaking and listening. All are important and needed skills for any good leader. But, one of the most important traits to me is the ability to communicate and work with others. As easy as that sounds, communication, or a lack thereof, is one of the biggest reasons why breakdowns in societal environments occur. I pride myself on keeping the reality of each situation in mind and understand that those whom I am working with are a representative from every walk of life. We do not all act and communicate in the same manner. You have to have the ability to blend different voices, skills and ego’s to foster the success of the project at hand.

When I am leading a project or artistic situation, my approach is simple. First, I do my best to stay relaxed and focus on the big picture of the plan. I do not kid myself and think that I have all the answers. Rather, I find the strengths of those I am working with and apply them to the task at hand. I believe success as a leader is found in how one can build up those they are working with to let their ability, strengths and work style prosper; for everyone possesses different talents. A good leader will blend the different styles of their team to work for the greater good of the assignment. When all gears of a machine are greased and working in harmony, everyone involved feels ownership of the project and pride in their work.

Motivation-A good leader knows that there is not one set motivation building skill that works for everyone. Money works for many, but, even then, if that is all that exists, the desire to work hard can eventually diminish. If the worker does not buy into the plan, how can it last and more importantly grow and develop?

A leader who can create this work environment and properly motivate their staff does not need to worry about their own success. For success, like compound interest, will multiply and grow for a long time. For those who you lead must believe in you, the leader, and not hold negative feelings against.

The thoughts and words above reflect the philosophy to how I live my life and have served when in leadership roles. This vision so far throughout my career has proven to be successful for me and led me to want to inspire others to grow and become leaders in their own lives.


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